Elko Organization Ltd was founded in Lugano-CH in 1982, and the company purpose is the production and trade of pharmaceutical products, as well as the supply of machineries, equipments and projects for the pharmaceutical industry.
In fact, in 1984 a complete turnkey project is provided for Elko Org. Pvt. Ltd. in Karachi (Pakistan), where the production of parenteral solutions is started in 1984. After several years’ collaboration, in 1999 a project is realized with Tecmomed s.r.l., an Italian trading company located in Milan, owning several worldwide known brands in the field of dermatological care.

Elko purchases a 10,000-sq.mt. piece of land in the area of Bellinzona and the production of non sterile pharmaceuticals (ointments, creams and gels) is moved to a 2,400-sq.mt. modern building.

In such building 600 sq.mt. are dedicated to production in Clean Room and packaging, and the warehouse covers a 1,200-sq.mt. area. The administrative office, the chemical analysis laboratory and the technical rooms dedicated to the production of Purified Water and Purified Steam for the different utilities cover another 600-sq.mt. surface.

The purchase of another piece of land next to the initial property offers the possibility to build another 4000-sq.mt. area.

Following the inspections made by the concerned Health Authorities, the factory has the following authorizations released by Swissmedic:

1. Production of intermediate products and ready-to-use medicaments (including the handling of highly active principles and allergy inducing active principles).
2. Wholesale trading of active principles.
3. Export of ready-to-use medicaments.
4. Foreign trade of ready-to-use medicaments, without storage in Switzerland.